VALIANT SAMPLES is a personal project of award-winning composer DMITRI GOLOVKO, based in Melbourne, Australia.

After having worked on numerous projects, including Feature Films, TV Shows and Advertising Campaigns, Dmitri started to accumulate a vast array of personally created sampled instruments and libraries. And out of a need to make more bespoke libraries, Valiant Samples was born. Now, on top of continuing to make music for media, Dmitri is also focusing on creating playable sample libraries to share with other composers and musicians to use in their own works.

The core philosophy of Valiant Samples is to create playable instruments that inspire and elevate but do not get in the way of personal creativity. We don't want to make hold-down-one-key type instruments, where creativity and flexibility is limited by pre-recorded loops. We want to create useful instruments that can open your imagination, and give you what you need, when you need it. 

This is a labour of love; a love of music.